About CTS

Canada Top Systems Inc. (CTS) is a refurbish company and our driving goal is to remove systems from the landfill and put them back into the market place. Today's society has become a disposable one and we here at CTS do not agree with this. Our mandate is to take unwanted, used, obsolete and discarded materials, to refurbish them back to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specs so that when the product leaves our facility it operates as the original piece once did from the manufacturer. The only difference to you the consumer may be a slight defect in the appearance (scratch or blemish) and retail price, typically 1/3 the costs of a new unit. CTS is an environmentally conscientious company and by refurbishing, CTS has taken materials and reduced the amount of truly “Recycled” parts to less then 1%. I know it sounds unbelievable but its true, CTS uses everything a system has in one form or another. How you may ask? We take components on a dead system and test to see what can be salvaged for use in another or inventory to supply to our clients whom in turn use them to repair systems should the customer choose. CTS and its partners always try and sell used goods as apposed to new ones, it’s better for everyone, an old piece does what the new one does, it comes with a warranty and it comes much cheaper. Then for components which do not work, CTS sends these to another source who takes the parts and salvages all transistors, diodes, transformers, fans, cables, wires etc. so by the time we are finished we only may have the shell of the device and a piece of a board to be discarded, melted or shredded back into another new item.



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